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[E] Among all nice people we've met during our short stay in Cambodia were two young man who talked us through the idea of bringing education to Cambodian kids. The idea is simple and yet can change people's lives. They're trying to get founds to "make sure that most underprivileged Cambodian children are not denied an opportunity from acquiring knowledge(...). To energize the families to allow their kids to go to school." First actions have been already taken and this program is developing well. However, it needs continuous help from those who were lucky enough to take thing such as education or everyday meal for granted. So, if you feel that you could spare few pennies, please DO! It doesn't make a huge difference in your budget and can actually change someone's life! If you're rather an ACTION type of person do not hesitate to contact people in charge of Underprivileged Children School in Siem Reap, Cambodia and they will find you more active ways to get involve. Cambodia is a fantastic country and spending there few months helping local community would be an amazing experience for both sides.

Please visit:
or http://underprivilegedschool.blogspot.com
and see how you can help.

We're counting on you!!!

[P] W paru slowach postaram sie przedstawic glowna idee opisywanego w tym poscie programu. Otoz, podczas naszego krotkiego pobytu w Kambodzy poznalismy dwoch mlodych chlopakow, ktorzy opisali nam prowadzony przez siebie program pomocy najubozszym dzieciom w Siem Reap. Pomysl jest prosty, a zarazem ma potencjal, by naprawde zmieniac zycie kambodzanskich dzieci na lepsze. Unprivileged School w Siem Reap dzieki wsparciu ludzi o dobrym sercu jest w stanie zapewnic edukacje dzieciom, ktorych los jest bardzo ciezki. Zapewniaja oni ksiazki, opieke oraz wyzywienie i schronienie. W tym momencie staraja sie wybudowac osrodek dla sierot. Koszt osrodka to TYLKO 570 USD!!! Oczywiscie, gdzie slowo TYLKO jest zmienna uzalezniona od szerokosci geograficznej. Dla nas i dla was 570 dolarow za wybudowania osrodka dla sierot musi wydawac sie niewiele, jest to jednak kwota, ktora moze byc blokada dla tego projektu, ktorej nie uda sie przelamac bez NASZEJ pomocy. Pomyslcie jaki wielki przywilej nas spotkal, ze budzac sie rano moglismy kaprysic przy smacznym sniadaniu i marudzic w drodze do szkoly. Wiekszosc dzieci w Siem Reap nie ma innnego wyboru jak zebrac na ulicy. Nawet mala kwota jest w stanie przyblizych urzeczywistnienie tego projektu. Jesli, ktores z was chcialoby zangazowac sie bardziej czynnie w ten projekt to prosze skontaktujcie sie z Long Waha lub Robert Iwu w celu ustalenia, jak moglibyscie pomoc na miejscu. Jestesmy pewni, ze pare tygodni badz miesiecy spedzonych na pomaganiu dzieciom w Kambodzy bedzie wspanialym przezyciem zarowno dla was, jak i dla tamtejszych dzieci.
Prosze skorzystajcie z linkow podanych w angielskiej wersji u gory.

Liczymy na was!!!

PS. Mamo, moze udaloby sie zorganizowac jakas zbiorke w waszej szkole?
Ktos moze moglby zorganizowac taka zbiorke gdzie indziej? Marika, co sadzisz o LO4? Ale oczywiscie nie chce nikogo zmuszac.


From their website:

Due to abject poverty in Cambodia, we are touched by compassion to look other way round to render selfless service for mankind, particularly overpopulated underprivileged Cambodians. In other words, for them to have at least a minimum of educational knowledge in their lives.

That motivated us to establish "Cambodian Underprivileged School". We are making every effort to impart educational knowledge to Cambodian kids in particular and Cambodians in general. So that they will have hope in the future.

In order to meet the world's challenges and to be good leaders of tomorrow. And we encourage more volunteers to join us.

In Cambodian Underprivileged School we have dormitory for those living far away from school. Although, some come from their homes. Our challenges are enormous, we are having shortages of both finance and materials.

Such as, stationaries, monthly house rent, cloths, transportation and food. We request you, to kindly donate generously for this noble cause for the bettertomorrow for the kids. So that we may be able to give the hopeless underprivileged children a hopeful and better future in life. Please donate no matter how small it may be.

Yours, sincerely,

Long Waha
Robert Iwu

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Bangkok for real

35 °C


Even tough, we've spent already 4 days in this most busy capital I have ever visited in my life, today was actually the first time we could see it "for real". Since Bartek has been freed from the hospital we could finally put our feet back on the track. We were ready. We took a taxi, since that was the best option bearing in mind Bartek's health conditiona dn inability to carry heavy rucksack. The previous day I managed to find a nice, cheap accommodation in a famous backpackers's area along Khao San Road. The termometers showed 35 degrees Celcius and the heat was unbearable. As soon as you gey outside from the aircon place, you have no control over your perspiration whatsoever. You sweat as you stand, with no meves. Seriously. Khao San Road is a mecca for backpackers, or maybe not so much anymore. Now, is more likely for youth looking for chaep accommodation, lots of booze and nightlife, new friends and sex adventures. The street, which is quite long offers them all of that and much mych more. The number of neons advertising guesthouses and hostels, bars, restaurants and cafes, spa and massages places, Internet cafes, travel agents, exchange bureau's, cash points, shops abd everything else appealing for this group of tourists is overwhelming. If that's you fist time in Khao San Rd (like in our case) you're lost with all those sign and ads assisting on your each and every step. You don't know where to look or how to concentrate. London is nothing to compare! Believe me! Just add to that constant transport and accommodation proposition from sellers. Your backpack unveils that you're new and probably lost.


Since nothing can go pretty smoth with us, the previously chosen guesthouse was full and internet indicated that with every hour more, the number of possible options is decreasing. after 2 hours spent in the Internet cafe and around 10 calls we found something ok for reasonable price ( At Home, Tanao Rd - orthogonal to Khao San Rd (from the Burger King side), close to the center but without its constant annoying noise. We left our heavy bags and went to explore the neighbourhood. It was getting dark and so the streets began to fill up with people but moer importantly with smells, food, clothes, jewelry and more. I can risk to say that here you can actually buy everything. And by everything - I mean everything. Name one thing - and I am sure you'll find it at Khao San Rd. Piercing, tatoos, dread locks, jewelry of all kinds, you can buy clothes, leather shoes, Armani (yeah right) suits, furniture, CD's, DVD's, all kind of hand made staff, starting from wooden frog to bamboo musical instruments. You have palm readers, beggers, massager person. Each bar attracts with Western music with Dj's, guitar players or just radio. They offer strong cheap drinks that bring you to paradise. You can even buy a student ID or a Mastet or anything you like, I bet you'll find it among all those staff. But food - mmmhh, it is amazing. The smells, the tastem the colours..Noodles or ride, stir fried or soup, sweet, sour or spicy. And the sweet smell of banana pancakes. For those with more courage - fried grasshoppers, bugs or cockroaches. We ate some noodles and drank coconut drink from the shell (not recommended) and TiGER beer.
Tired of this fast moving environment, we headed home for a great rest.
If any questions - don't hesitate to ask.

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34 °C

Siem Reap Clinic

OK. It's been a long time since we last post any news here. Something unpredictable happened. Instead of entering Vietnam, we're in a hospital in Bangkok. When we arrived to Siem Reap early in the morning (on thursday, the 18th) we realized that Cambodia is the place to be for us. Stunning landscapes, wonderful people, rich and fascinating history and fantastic food. Dusty roads, tuk-tuk's and moto's everywhere and very few cars. Children playing on the streets, people selling and buying each others products from the street stalls.


Everyone was looking at us as we walked towards the Old Market. We were stopped several times to be offered a ride but few times for a genuinely friendly talk. It was amazing! When we reached Old Market area, we got to know this other face of Cambodia, with begging children and landmines victims selling stuff to tourists. White face is an easy target. We were trying to be polite but soon realized that politeness is not working here. The best solution was to ignore all questions and to avoid direct looks. It was heartbreaking. We ate some delicious food in a restaurant and headed home for some rest from heat and painful reality. We had a scheduled sunset temple seeing with pir tuk-tuk driver from the guest house at 4.30.


I felt sick around 2 that day and was in pain until now. On the evening of the 18th we went to the clinic to seek for medical help. I've got my all test done and I've stayed in the clinic overnight, being treated for food poisoning. When we've returned to the guest house I've decided to have some more rest as I was still in pain. The doctor said that pain was a normal reaction after loads of vomiting. I was trying to get some sleep but the pain was too strong. Julia was extremely supportive from the beginning and this time at 3 am she found a tuk-tuk driver and an international hospital where we could seek for help. That's when the fun part starts. We've been seen by a doctor and looked after by nurses but before proceeding with any treatment, they needed a proof form us or our insurance company that someone is going to cover the costs. We've been presented with short list of basic expenses (doctor's fee -$100, a blood test - $90, computer tomography, to find the source of stomach pain - $750 + all the drugs). It was an extremely hard situation, as I was in terrible pain, the doctor couldn't proceed until insurance confirmation for cost covering, which always asked us to wait and be patient. After around 12 hours spent helplessly, we finally get permission for the blood test and stomach scan. After around an hour and a half, the surgeon doctor analyzed the results, found the source of pain - as an appendicitis, and ordered to operate. He said, however, that the hospital doesn't have its own anesthetist and need to get one from Phnom Penh. The surgery was scheduled for 8.30pm. Since then the flow of information, medical reports, results and all possible documents between hospital and our insurance company based in London became very fluent and effective. At around 7pm the Global Response (our insurer) called Julia to say that they contact their doctor and representative in Thailand, who administer a special air emergency transport for me and Julia to hospital in Bangkok. It was like a dream. The hospital in Siem Reap looked were well, was clean and I believe had well-trained staff and appropriate devices. Still, the one in Bangkok is well-known for its standards and probably considered the best in the whole country.
While Julia went to our guest house to pack our staff, I was resting most of the time drugged by some very strong medicine, like morphine. When she came back, they put us in the ambulance which drove with the siren going to the airport. Julia managed our backpacks to be checked-in and we met on the surface of the airport waiting for the plane to land. It looked like a film, huge amount of people, our ambulance followed the firefighter brigade all on siren. The doctors get of the plane put me on the special bed and buckled me up with security belts. Since then I didn't see much mostly because my horizontal position. Julia said that it was scary, because the plane had only three wind mills and no engines and that she could see everything down through the window, but she has been always panicking about flying. The flight was short around 1 hour and we were quickly transported (also on siren) to the hospital. There, they gave me a special clothes and put me in i.v. They let Julia stay in my room while the surgery and also for the whole stay in the hospital. The surgery started around 2am and lasted for around 2 hours with another 2 until I woke up. They brought me to my room where Julia was sleeping and woke up to see me.
The hospital offer 5 star accommodation. We have our own room, with 24 hour nurse and doctor assistance. The room has a huge window with view over Bangkok (since it is a 10th floor), TV and DVD player, private bathroom and couch for Julia. Everyday they bring fresh flowers, water, daily newspaper "Bangkok Post", bring food 3 times a day with the possibility to room service of all kind of cuisines. I still can't eat, only liquid staff (which mean horrible, tasteless soup, some juice and something like a jelly) but Julia tried it couple of times and said it was nice.
It's been second day since I'm here. I can walk now and start feeling better but still feeling a bit of pain in the abdominal part, as a result of the surgery I guess. Now waiting for the doctor to say how long we are going to stay here and other info.


Thank you for all the support we got from our families and friends. I am sure that they all together help us to break through those tough moments.
Thank you again.

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Siem Reap

34 °C


Moze to dziwic, ale Kambodza jest taka, jaka sobie wyobrazalismy. Jesli ktos widzial w zyciu jakikolwiek film z Kambodza w tle - nie zawiedzie sie.

Lot do Siem Reap trwal zaledwie 2 godziny (zaledwie brzmi smiesznie dla nas europejczykow, gdy wiekszosc lotow w obrebie Europy trwa ok. 2 h, ale uwierzcie, ze po 12 godzinnej przeprawie przez pol swiata - to brzmi jak moment). Do pierwszych wrazen zalicza sie pogoda. To zupelnie inne goraco niz w Malezji, dusznota jest ledwo przyswajalna. Czlowiek sie poci w bezruchu. Drugie spostrzezenie - zielen roslinnosci, przepych kolorow lisci i kwiatow jest zapierajacy dech w piersiach. Trzecie - motory i tuk-tuki (moto riksze) sa obecne wszedzie. Brak tu zasad poruszania sie po drodze, moze procz swiatel. Ilosc, a moze rodzaj rzeczy i osob przewozonych na tych pojazdach przekracza wszelkie zasady, i bezpieczenstwa i grawitacji. Mamy nadziej wkrotce dodac specjalny temu poswiecony folder na blogu.
Do guest house'u zabral nas PILOT, bardzo mily chlopak (chociaz oni wszyscy sie tu usmiechaja i sa zyczliwi), ktory odebral nas za darmo z lotniska. Dla zainteresowanych zostalismy w miejscu BOU SAVY (http://www.bousavyguesthouse.com/), bardzo przytulne miejsce, czyste co najwazniejsze i w miare blisko centrum (okolo 1 km). Dla wyczerpanych lub tych bardziej leniwych proponuja skorzysrtanie z tuk-tuka za $1.
Siem Reap jest wciaz dla nas ciekawe. Maja tu zaledwie pare asfaltowych jezdni, wzdluz ktorych pietrza sie ogromne hotele. Reszta ulic pokryta jest characterystycznym pomaranczowym w odcieniu pylem, unoszacym sie w powietrze z kazdym jadacym pojazdem .
Old market jest pelen zebrakow i naganiaczy tuk-tukow. Do zebrakow zalicza sie zarowno male dzieci sprzedajace bransoletki za $1 i ofiary min ladowych sprzedajacych kserowane ksiazki, o rzadach Pol Pota jak i przewodniki Lonely Planet. Wspominam o tym ze wzgledu na dysonans w stosunku do Kuala Lumpur. Tu nie daja sie tak latwo splawic, ida za toba, wypytuja skad jestes, ale tez (skubancy) strasznie klamia. Jako bardzo popularne miesce (prawdopodobnie najbardziej w calej poludniowo-wschodniej azji) charakteryzuje sie wyzszymiu cenami i wieksza iloscia turystow. Ale to jednak zrozumiale, gdyz lokalni polegaja calkowicie na tym co sprzedadza turystom.

Kmerska kuchnia zalicza sie zdecydowanie do naszych ulubionych. Ma w sobie wiele ciekawych smakow i przypraw, jak np. tamarind, azjatycka bazylia i mieta, oczywiscie orzeszki ziemne i wszedzie nieodzowne chilli. No i soki!!! Krolstwo za soki, swiezo wyciskane z tropikalnych owocow, yummie.
Bloga pisze ja tym razem (Julia), Bartek jest niedysponowany z powodu (prawdopodobnie) zbytniego nagrzania organizmu i bolu brzucha - jednym slowem kima (spi:) Ide do niego zerknac, a poza tym komary rypia, ide wiec do srodka:)''
Jutro kompleks Angkor Wat, pobudka o 6 rano wiec trzeba byc wypoczetym.
Obiecuje wiecej zdjec i relacji po angielsku prawdopodobnie jutro wioeczorem.
Dzieki za uwage. Pytania i komentrarze mile widziane:)))


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Kuala Lumpur - day two

sunny 36 °C

Dodajemy to zdjecie dla tych, ktorzy mieli klopoty z uruchomieniem wyobrazni ;)
...prawie jak wiewiorki w londynie.

[P] niestety polaczenie internetowe w guest hausie okazalo sie za slabe tym razem, aby wrzucic zdjecia. Tym razem musicie uzyc swojej wyobrazni. Dzien uplynal nam na zwiedzaniu, jedzeniu, zwiedzaniu i jeszcze raz jedzeniu. Upal byl niemilosierny i naprawde paralizowal. Wydaje nam sie jednak, ze KL nie powinno byc rozczarowane nasza wizyta, bo choc nie zalapalismy sie na Sky Bridge pomiedzy wiezami Petronas /zabraklo dla nas biletow/, to zobaczylismy wszystko co interesujacd i co nasze nogi mogly zniesc. W tym krotkim wejsciu antenowym czuje sie zobowiazany, aby powiedziec, ze kolacje zasponsorowal nam mr. Lin, ktory pomimo skromnej emerytury zdecydowal sie pokazac czym jest malajska goscinnosc. Wymienilismy sie numerami i obiecalismy zadzwonic jak po podrozy zawitamy do KL. Mr. Lin naciskal, ze musi nas zaprosic na nastepna kolacje. Pozegnalismy sie i odjechal na swym skuterku w strone zachodzacego slonca. I my tez to robimy, bo za 3h wstajemy, by dojechac na 5rano na lotnisko. Jutro Kambodza...

[E] I suppose that those two days of active visit in KL gave us some idea about this place. We were both surprise by small number of touristic sights as for capital. Except evident Petronas Towers (be there at 8.30 to get a free ticket!!!) we would definitely recommend visiting Lake Gardens, some parts are a bit pricey, some are free but anyway worth to see wild monkeys jumping around (CAUTION: they may be dangerous, stealing as well!!!). Despite lack of pavements in most part of the city, the best way to visit city is on foot.
Unfortunately, the Internet connection was too low to upload our photos. You need to use your imagination a bit. Today passed on sightseeing, eating, sightseeing and eating again. The heat was unbearable and paralysing. We think that KL should not be disappointed of our visit, because, despite of not getting on Sky Bridge (no more tickets) we have seen everything what interesting and been everywhere our feet took us. Our today’s dinner was sponsored by Mr. Lin, who despite his small pension, presented us what does it mean Malay’s hospitality. We exchanged mobile numbers and promised to call while next time in KL. We said goodbye and he got on his scooter and drove away towards going under sun. It was time for us as well, since in 3 hours we need to wake up to get to the airport. Tomorrow - Cambodia!

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Kuala Lumpur - day one

32 °C

[P] Udalo sie!!! Wbrew przewidywaniom sceptykow udalo nam sie zdazyc na samolot. Po 12 godzinach lotu z przygodami wyladowalismy w Kuala Lumpur, albo raczej KL, jak nazywaja to miasto miejscowi. Sam lot byl ciekawym doswiadczeniem, gdyz po raz pierwszy lecielismy na tak dlugiej trasie. Przez dluzszy czas nie moglismy sie nacieszyc wszelkiego rodzaju rozrywkami w stylu gier koputerowych, filmow, programow rozrywkowych i edukacyjnych i muzyki do wyboru do koloru. Pozwalalo to trzymac mysli z dala od bardzo niepokojacych turbulencji. Byl moment, gdy samolot gwaltownie opadl i wszyscy pasazerowie krzykneli. Nie wiemy z jakiego powodu, ale lot byl miejscami bardzo niespokojny. Na szczescie udalo nam sie bezpieczie wyladowac. Pierwsze wrazenia godne odnotowania, to piekielny gorac po wyjsciu z terminalu. Nastawialismy sie na upal, ale tego nie da sie wyobrazic, ani opisac. Wszystko sie klei, powietrze stoi w miejscu i otula jak kocem. Bylo 32C o godzinie 18:00 i niewiele sie ochlodzilo gdy zapadla noc. KL lezy niemal na rowniku i dzien jest tutaj zaskakujaco krotki.
Korzystajac z miejskich koleji dostalismy sie z lotniska do naszego Reggae Guest House'u. Zdziwilismy sie, gdy na wejsciu kazano nam zdjac buty. To przejaw naszej ignorancji, bo nalezalo sie tego spodziewac. Jest nieco dziwnie, bo nawet gdy sie idzie do toalety (a jest tylko wspolna lazienka na korytarzu) to trzeba chowac klapki pod koszulka i zalozyc je dopiero w srodku. Pokoj, choc bez okna jest przyjemny i chlodny. Zostawilismy plecaki i ruszylismy na spotkanie Petronas Tower oraz pysznego jedzenia.
KL to miasto kontrastow. Biurowce i hotele pietrza sie jeden przy drugim, a u ich stop przycupnely male domki oraz budy z jedzeniem i wszelkiej masci towarami. Bezpanskie psy tu i owdzie oraz garsc bezdomnych spiacyhc na ulicy. Pomimo wszystko miasto sprawia wrazenie bezpiecznego. Nie jest szalenie urodziwe, ale byc moze trzeba spedzic tu troche wiecej czasu, aby je pokochac.
Wstapilismy do ulicznej restauracyjki na pierwsza porcje miejscowych pysznosci. Niestety z powodu bariery jezykowej nie bylismy w stanie zamowic czegos nadzwyczaj ekstrawaganckiego i skonczylo sie na kurczaku w sosie slodko-kwasnym oraz w sosie sojowym. Bylo bardzo smacznie i z egzotycznymi akcentami w postaci szczurow nerwowo biegajacych pod sciana oraz karaluchow wielkosci kciuka szukajacych okruszkow. To nas tylko zmotywowalo, aby wrocic do hotelu, Po piwie w barze na dole stwierdzilismy, ze juz czas, aby podzielic sie z wami tym dniem.

Dzieki za uwage.

[E] We finally made it! Moreover, we did not miss our flight despite some people predictions. After 12 hours in the plane, we landed in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, also called KL. The flight itself was an interesting experience since we have never flight such a long distance. We used Malaysian Airlines (possibly one of the best in the world) and were totally happy with the quantity and quality of prepared entertainment, meals, service and overall comfort as for the economy class. There were plenty of games, films, music, news and TV programs of all kinds which let us forget about unpleasant turbulences and fight the jetlag. The flight itself was very jumpy at times but we managed to land safely.
The first thing we’ve seen was some people in the white safety suits and even more people wearing mouth mask. That and the thermal cameras that we have passed few times, made us understand that Influenza is a serious problem, not just an imaginary thing.
The second – was the weather. The heat was unbearable once you exit the air-conditioned room. We knew that the monsoon season is hot, but we were not prepared for that. It is hard to describe or even imagine. Everything sticks to you, the air stands still and even if there is a wind, it is hot. Forget about the fresh breeze and be prepared for feeling dirty most of the time until you get used to that. There were around 32 degrees Celsius when we arrived around 6 pm and there were not much difference during the night. Let’s just remind everybody that KL is located nearly exactly on Equator and the days here are surprisingly short.
Transport from the KL International Airport is easy. There are trains linking with town centre in 35-40 minutes as well as buses, slower but cheaper too. The airport is easy in terms of way-finding and contains everything you need: travel information, toilets, shops and bureau de change. Remember: do not undervalue Malays – most of them speak very good English.
We took a train to the centre and local over ground train to our guesthouse – Reggae Guest House. It was a very nice place, very clean with free Internet and WI-FI. It was located in the heart of Chinatown, just round the corner of Night Market (check our Guide) with delicious food but also full of crap, such as clothes, bags, watches from all kind of designers. Our room was expensive but we found that out later on, during our third time in KL. We spent the rest of the evening on walking around with our aim – Petronas Towers and on tasting great food.
First eating out was on hawker stalls, somewhere around midnight in the Chinatown. Because of language barrier and big concern about our stomachs, we chose safely chicken in soya and sweet and sour sauce. It was a real shock eating on the street among local people, running rats and thumb-size cockroaches. We went towards our hotel stopping for a beer in neighbouring Reggae Bar, and then went to bed.
Kuala Lumpur is a city of contrasts. The big skyscrapers back up next to each other, while neighbouring with small houses or hovels with all sorts of products. The city is very busy, noisy and not pedestrian friendly which results in a small number of existing pavements and difficulty in traversing streets. It is likely to meet ownerless dogs and homeless people sleeping on the streets. Interesting thing about KL is that it is one of not many places on Earth, where three different ethnic groups with completely different cultures, traditions and most importantly religion live together peacefully. This cultural mix is what KL is about. Although we are not big funs of walking trails, especially those proposed by Lonely Planet, I would recommend to all a 3 hour long walk through all three zones: Kampung Baru, Little India and Chinatown. You can also start from Petronas Towers, that will make your experience even more rich. Kampung Baru is typical Malay district, located just one train stop from Petronas Towers. Small houses often made of simple materials like aluminium sheets. It is Muslim area, therefore you will find mosques, urging to the prayer. We recommend trying their local specialities. Further you go, you will find yourself in more and more colourful area, called Little India. This is Indian district, with its characteristic smell of incenses, vivid saris straight from Bollywood movies, loud music and smell of curries. Big markets are full of cheap jewellery and clothes, in bargain prices. Last but not least, Chinatown with its typical architecture, multi-coloured dragons and Chinese writing, with no translation. It is worth tasting some delicatessen in each of the quarter to discover how they differ from each other.

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[P] Informujemy, ze nasze numery komorkowe nie beda aktywne podczas podrozy. Nie bedziemy rowniez odsluchiwac poczty glosowej. Na czas trwania podrozy bedziemy dostepni pod nowym brytyjskim numerem telefonu +44 78221 86527. Numer ten ma znizkowe ceny polaczen, wiec jesli ktos bedzie mial pilna sprawe, to dzwoncie!(pozostawiamy to waszemu osadowi, ale niestrawnosci u kota do pilnych nie zaliczamy)==

[E] Just to let you know that we are NOT going to use our normal mobile numbers (we will not answer calls or voice mails) while travelling therefore if you need to call us (and by need we mean a real NEED) please call us on our travel number +44 78221 86527.

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Welcome Everybody!

(for English speaking visitors)


Hi Everyone!

First of all we would like to thank you in advance for checking on our blog (we hope you will). As you can notice this blog is going to be written in both English [E] and Polish [P] simultaneously. We will make every effort to make it accessible and fun for everyone. Some posts may appear only in one of the languages but do not be pulled off by this. We will try to upload many pictures and videos in order to make it understandable despite the language barrier. We promise to update this site as frequently as possible but always bear in mind where we are and that sometimes internet access might be too much of a luxury.
Please pop in whenever you fancy and take part in this amazing trip. Please DO NOT HESITATE to post comments and share with us news from your work and private life. We are going to be far away but thanks to this medium we hope to stay well connected.

We would like to say BIG THANK YOU to all those patient people who listened to our endless stories about this trip and to those who support us. Thanks to our parents for rooting an urge for adventures and for their support. And special thanks to Agnieszka Brzycka for inspiration (by the way, if anyone is looking for experienced, highly qualified, educated cultural event planner give us a shout so we can direct you to Agnieszka).

So, to sum up: we are going for 6 weeks departing on Monday 15.06.2009 from Heathrow, London to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with Malaysian Airlines. We are going to spend 14 hours on board and we think if you can survive the boredom of this flight we will survive anything (even the harshest monsoons). Than we are heading to Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and back to Malaysia. For detailed itinerary please click on the map below.

Wish us luck and keep in touch!

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Welcome Everybody!

the post heading is actually very funny (requires Polish citizenship to understand)

View Pray of the Gecko & Via Asia Inversed & VIA ASIA on Frais's travel map.

Witamy wszystkich na naszym blogu z podrozy po poludniowo-wschodniej Azji.

Zapewne moglibysmy z latwoscia przypomniec sobie sytuacje, w ktorych wyrazalismy nasza dezaprobate o pisaniu blogow. Tym razem jednak jest to ugielismy sie wobec wyjatkowosci sytuacji. Postanowilismy wyruszyc w podroz naszego zycia i uznalismy, ze to wystarczajacy powod, by stworzyc ta strone. Chcielibysmy dzielic sie tu z wami naszymi doswiadczeniami z podrozy, zamieszczac zdjecia oraz krotkie filmy, byscie towarzyszyli nam na kazdym etapie. Byc moze przyniesie wam to swego rodzaju ulge po calym dniu pracy, byc moze wniesie troche swiezosci, a moze i zainspiruje. Oby chwile spedzone na tej stronie wywolaly chociaz lekki usmiech.

Korzystajac z okazji chcielibysmy podziekowac wszystkim tym, ktorzy wspierali nas w tym przedsiewzieciu. Tym, ktorzy wysluchiwali naszych niekonczocych sie planow i opowiesci. Przede wszytskim jednak naszym rodzinom za wszczepienie pasji nie tylko do podrozy, ale do zycia jako calosci. To dzieki wam jedziemy w ta podroz. Specjalne podziekowania naleza sie Agnieszce Brzyckiej za inspiracje. Prawdopodobnie, gdyby nie jej godna podziwu determinacja, ktora popchnela ja na studia az do Singapuru nie zdecydowalibysmy sie myslec o tej podrozy w kategoriach nie marzen, ale rzeczywistosci.

Pozdrawiamy was serdecznie i uciekamy sie pakowac.

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